Xmas Games Pack

Xmas Games Pack 1.01

Treat yourself to a gamefest this Christmas


  • Some addictive puzzle games
  • High scores on most games
  • Colourful graphics


  • A couple of real awful ones in here

Very good

Before we start let me make it clear that this is not a software pack of Christmas-themed games, which is actually what I was hoping for when I downloaded it.

Rather, it's a collection of ten different Palm games in one pack. All of which have nothing to do with Christmas.

I guess the reason they called it the Xmas Games Pack is that it was released around that time of year and represents a nice present for anyone who's a fan of playing games on their Palm device.

Like opening your stocking on December 25th, this pack is a bit of a mixed bag. Most of the games are remakes of old classics, such as Minesweeper, Lines and Space Invaders.

However, there are a few innovations in here as well.

I particularly like the rather soothing Fish-Globe, which sees you release fish into a tank and try to join up the different breeds into lines of three or more.

Once you've done this, they'll swim away, leaving you more free space on the gameboard. I found it very tranquil and graphically, it's probably the best of the bunch.

Some of the games in this pack are real doozies with no instructions and graphics that look like they've been created by a blind gibbon, but there are four or five really stand-out titles that will give you enough fun to make it through Christmas and New Year.

Xmas Games Pack features a whopping 10 great games in a single pack. Most of the games are remakes of old classics. The package includes Galaxy2, XonixElite, Zoop, Runes, Fish-Globe, Bars, Lines, Eggs, Pairs and Mines.

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Xmas Games Pack


Xmas Games Pack 1.01

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